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Project Description

A new brand architecture

Having grown the business with several company acquisitions, MOCON, a leading provider of instruments and services for testing, measuring and analysing gases for the packaging industry, needed an overarching brand strategy and architecture.

The challenge for CBC was how to create a single, unified and coherent brand while maintaining the equity of well-known legacy brands, such as Dansensor and Baseline.

Key deliverables
  • Market and customer insights
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand communications platform
  • Identity and design guide
  • Corporate and product branding
  • Awareness and demand creation
  • Sales and distributor support
  • Lead generation
  • Nurturing activities
  • Product launches
  • Print ads and direct mails
  • Sales literature and presentations

CBC developed a new corporate communications platform and design guide that would form the foundations for all Mocon’s marketing activities for years to come.

CBC Terma Allies in innovation Landing page

A highly original creative approach enabled Mocon to stand out within a market where communications were traditionally complex and technical.

CBC Mocon Segment visual
CBC Mocon Segment visual
CBC Mocon Segment visual
CBC Mocon Segment visual

Under the new brand platform, CBC has also supported Mocon
internationally with several successful product launches.

CBC Mocon Ad
CBC Mocon Ad
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