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Helping a plastics company mould a uniform brand
Refreshing and refocusing a global brand
“Wave 2” of global branding effort goes local
Combining cross-market appeal with cross-border efficiency in 50+ markets
Applying the branding iron to ourselves
The industrial giant redefines its image in the aftermarket
Raising a financial brand’s profile abroad
Raising a corporate profile in the aviation industry
International image fuels oil company’s rise
International image fuels oil company’s rise
Shipping firm’s new identity makes a big splash
Split images won’t do in a global world. Getting unified
Biotech startup discovers power of positioning
Shipping is hot—and this line is red hot
For a whole new category, a whole lot of good ideas
Skin-care expert positioned as more than just a pretty face
Pitching a cure for the market’s ups and downs
Branding/lead generation effort helps tech specialist clean up
Communicate globally. Gain leverage locally
Up 50% on sales on the back (digital back) of a new campaign
Branding starts at home, in this case at home with your computer
Big ships, big ads. A sea change in maritime advertising
Munich-based optical networker sets sights on the Fortune 1000
Targeted effort boosts sales over 40% in half year
The generic dilemma—knocking out the knock-offs
When media come together—synergy from a good idea
Getting more mileage out of marketing by adapting your good idea
Cross-border product launch sends sales skyrocketing
Re-engineering the image of a U.S. engineering firm
Supplier of invisible technology suddenly visible in the market
Launching products on a global scale
Branding in the process industry
Re-branding with a global impact
Reaching the international publishing market

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